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Chicago Sound Recordings, Inc. (CSR) was founded by Bob Riedy with the mission and goal of restoring, preserving, and presenting music and memorabilia from Chicago's lost blues decade - the 1970's”.

The Chicago Blues Foundation charged CSR with the task of saving recorded tapes from sticky shed syndrome, a serious problem that occurs with tapes manufactured in the 70's. During this time, tape manufacturers were suddenly forced by the U.S. government to abandon the use of a carcinogen in analog tape. These manufacturers hurriedly changed formulations during that period, and these revised formulas do not age well. Tapes with "sticky shed syndrome" leave a waxy residue on rollers, heads and guides, which can destroy high frequency response and eventually cause a tape player to stop entirely.

The Chicago Blues Foundation is also concerned about the degradation of photo and paper memorabilia. CSR owns numerous pictures, posters, articles, instruments and oral history of the Chicago Urban Blues of the 1970s. Through restoration and preservation efforts, the foundation and CSR are making sure that these historic items will not be permanently lost to history.

Though it nearly took as long for this task as it took to reestablish a thriving blues scene in Chicago after the turmoil of the 1960's, CSR has been able to save performances and other artifacts of blues artists (who were at their prime during this period) from otherwise being lost to history.